Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In the middle of this, I work...

Things get very up and down during the last few months before a wedding. It's quite a ride, with the elation of a Yes response followed by the deflation of a No. The thrill of getting the cameras ordered, followed by the sad discovery that a product you wanted is no longer available. Hang on tight, because the hits keep coming....as do the thrills. You really have to have an iron stomach to get through these last few weeks, since so much is going on. The key is to write everything down, and then celebrate crossing each task off your list. It gets it all out of your head. Everyone's going to have ideas now, so just let that float away. Don't even think about changing anything. And lean on your bridal party. They WANT to help. I have the best bridal party in the *world*, and my Matron of Honor just answered a dilemma in 2.3 seconds with an offer that's going to be one of the many highlights of the day. I'll keep this one a surprise for now, since it might wind up in an article I can't scoop on my blog.

And in the middle of this, I'm writing my new book on life after the wedding, so when I can shake off the nagging To-Do list, I'm in a Zen state where time flies, the words just flow, and I'm cracking myself up with the clever little concept that just came to me, or the inside joke I embedded in the draft. [Every one of my books has inside jokes in them...only those closest to me could ever pick them out, and only one editor has ever chopped one]. I'm at the halfway point in the book right now. Oh yeah, there's going to be a big edit down the road, but I'm very pleased with how this is coming...especially because I'm writing it in the middle of Wedding Whirlwind. Speaking of which...I'm creating my seating chart as responses come in. So I won't have that insanely stressful task a week from now.

Okay, time to get back to work...I have a goal of 20 more pages written today, so that I don't have to bring my laptop on the honeymoon!