Tuesday, March 18, 2008

In memory of Bob Milan

After receiving a response card from Mrs. Milan on her own, I knew something was up. Our dear family friend, the teller of brilliant and brilliantly-delivered jokes, passed away on the 29th, and somehow the message never got to us about his life remembrance ceremony. I'm heart-broken for his wife of 57 years, astounded by her class in responding to our wedding invitation during that terrible time in her life, and will certainly donate to his favorite charity in memory of him. I remember a great story about Bob -- I was in college, living with my dear friends Jen and Pam, and Bob asked me what the biggest challenge of apartment life was. I said, 'affording toilet paper' just joking around. The next time I saw him, he had gotten me a case of toilet paper. That's the kind of guy Bob was. The kind you wished you had as a grandfather. In many ways, he was a grandfather to me, and I wish him an eternity of peaceful rest. He made the world a brighter place. Much love to Jane and to his two beautiful granddaughters.