Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Yes box and the No box

When the response cards start coming in, the best way to stay organized is to create little boxes [we used the ones our response cards and reception cards came in] for your Yes and No response cards. Want to know your running headcount right now? Just flip through the cards in the Yes box, and top the pile with a sticky note bearing the number for all the cards below, so that you don't have to count them all over and over again.

And looking ahead, figure out a great way to store these response cards as keepsakes. Many of our guests wrote wonderful notes on them, wishing us well, and these we'll have forever. So do you have a pretty box to store them in? Card and craft stores have fantastic fabric-wrapped gift boxes with bows already on them that I think would be the perfect holders for these little cards, and they're just a few dollars each. Some grooms have MADE keepsake boxes for their brides to store all of these little collectibles and engagement cards [we're saving ours too!], and that becomes an heirloom for your new family.

So look at your response cards for beyond the wedding. How will you keep and protect yours?