Monday, March 24, 2008

Next room!

We did the right thing in tackling the hardest room to remodel (the office) first...after that, all the other rooms are a cinch. Last night, after a delightful Easter holiday spent with both sides of the family, Joe put up the new Roman shades in our TV room, and we've decided to go with a beautiful deep platinum color for the walls instead of the burnt yellow we chose so long ago.

Which brings up my inevitable parallel to wedding world: the colors you pick out at first might not be the colors you end up with. As all the plans come together, you may find yourself drifting from the pink into more of a terra cotta color. Hang onto your color swatches, though, since it's a terrific keepsake of your wedding day to see the colors you *almost* went with!

In our book What's Your Bridal Style? , Casey Cooper and I guide you through a bunch of color questions to get you looking in your closet and at your home decor to see which colors you have already claimed as your favorites, and which match the season and location of your wedding. Colors also have memories attached to them, so we've asked about your best and worst color memories, too. It's just a different way to explore the whole topic of color for your floral arrangements and food choices, not just the dresses. Visit for more on this book as well as my 30+ additional wedding books, articles and the Don't List worksheets for recording what you both don't want at your wedding.