Monday, March 17, 2008

A GREAT bridal show

This weekend, I attended THE best bridal show I've ever been at -- It was elegant, beautiful, with tons of great food and wedding cake, and seminars to educate and rescue all of the newly-engaged couples and their parents. All of my favorite NJ wedding coordinators were there, so I got to spend some time with the best in the business, and in a little bit of downtime I sat for the caricature artist who created my first caricature since I was about 6 years old at Disneyworld. I apparently bear a striking resemblance to the Olsen Twins now.

Speaking of childhood photos, I spent Saturday searching through my old photo albums for one picture of me that we're going to display at our rehearsal dinner: I'm about 4 years old, in a stroller, laughing at Tigger in the Disney park. And I *found* it, along with countless hysterical photos of me with the 70s patterned dresses, ringlet curls, dancing school portraits, family photos from our many fun adventures and traditions, and a display of my childhood Smurf collection. Still have 'em, plus the little houses and the snail cart. Looking back through all of that stuff made for a delightful day, which got even better when Joe and I [after laughing at the bad haircut photos] spent our first spring-weather day doing yardwork, trimming bushes and trees by our driveway, and clearing the gutters [that one was all Joe]. Spring cleaning might sound like a burden to some people, but it's one of those Snapshot Moments for me, one of the things I was thinking about when we signed the papers to buy this house.

So it was an awesome weekend, and now I'm back to book-writing, promoting, and article-pitching. And congrats to Joe for landing a big article assignment -- I may have to find my Writer Smurf to put on a celebratory cupcake!