Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lost in the mail!

We're just finding out that some of our guests never received their invitations in the mail! Which just goes to show you that you can be ultra-organized, send your invitations out early like we did, and STILL have a snafu! So I'm e-mailing all of our non-responding guests to see what their status is. Pays to have a good backup plan! These kinds of 'out of your control' issues can't be just have to roll with it. It's frustrating whenever your careful plans get blown out of the water, especially when you get heat from other people for things that are not your fault, but here's a way to remedy that: keep a running list of all the things that are going RIGHT during the planning stages. And visit wedding message boards to get a little perspective by reading stories from people who have BIG problems, like an out of control guest list that's 150+ people over what the room can hold (These people will have to change venues at great cost!). Compared to that, our issues are tiny.

I wrote The Bride's Diplomacy Guide to help couples handle the problems that other people stir up, so if you're having clashes with your wedding players, pick up my book and get your scripts on how to handle