Monday, March 31, 2008

Little bursts of intensity

I've counseled tons of brides and grooms about the gripping bursts of intensity that come in the weeks before the wedding, so here I am in the same ups and downs. Little things are going to spin out of control here and there, so you have to hang on to each other, ask for the relief you need, even if it's just a hug or a morning cuddle. With such a short amount of time to go, even the little problems become larger, so you have to make a conscious effort to write in that gratitude journal, not let the to-do list get out of control, imagine the gorgeous 'snapshots' of your day. For instance, I'm looking at the hydrangea trees and bells of Ireland plants out in my front yard, thinking 'these are going to be gorgeous backdrop for our photos!' It returns me to center. Sure, I'm tense about the sheer magnitude of all the little tasks that need to be done...few people can shake that entirely. But I have a supportive fiance who can make all the worry go away with just one kiss. And we have a solid organizational plan to get all those little details covered.

When we went to apply for our marriage license, we took photos of ourselves outside of town hall. That's right. Everything goes in the wedding scrapbook. So there we were, looking like a couple of lost tourists, smiling as my mom captured the moment. You have to build these snapshot moments into this tense time, or you're going to lose it.

For our weekend, we enjoyed the glorious spring weather and discovered that the previous homeowner had planted daffodils out back, so our first spring in the new house has presented lots of great surprises like that. We have so many unique and unusual birds by us, and I'm hoping to see a robin's nest with those pretty blue eggs in it. The sunshine, the 'fresh start' of spring, the anticipation of good things promised...all are adding up to a higher-energy time. Soon, our home will be filled with our favorite people from all phases and eras in our lives, and that's going to be a phenomenal event to kick off our wedding weekend. Imagine the snapshots! A wedding is all about the PEOPLE who come to share it with you. Yes, you're the center of the day as the wedding couple, but appreciation for loved ones is what elevates a wedding to truly spectacular.